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Consciousness Based Astrology  -  Karma and the Wound


This report will help you navigate your way through traumas and the resultant karmic issues you created because of that trauma.  In an Astrology chart, the wounds you have are explained by Chiron in your chart.  The karmic arena is the sesquisquare.  Seen as a minor angle in the astrology chart, I have come to see that to ignore the sesquisquare (karma) as minor is a mistake when undergoing a transformative path of quest and seeking.  Unlocking the meaning can help you turn your life around. 


Extensive mapping and study of the sesquisquare by internationally renowned Astrologer Julie Braden has revealed a treasure of information and now the time is right to bring this knowledge into the world.  Getting to know these elements of your psyche can save you many years of therapy.  The wound and karma are usually a major part of your subconscious mind and until you can bring them into the light, they will continue to make your life difficult. 

The extensive mapping and collation of the sesquisquare earned Julie the title of Genius Astrologer.








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