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Consciousness Based Astrology
A Language for Self Awareness and Transformation
Know Thyself

The original window into modern day psychology, astrology is the language created to understand our human characteristics, challenges, and inspired possibilities. Planetary forces generate an influence that is tangible and unmistakable.  The ancient astrologers and astronomers did most of the work for us and thankfully the expertise is still here for you to navigate your own journey through life.


At the time of our birth, the placement of the planets forms a blueprint that will influence you throughout your life.  This influence is known as your Astral Body.  Your Astral Body is the body of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions and with your individual blueprint of astrality, you experience your day to day life for better or for worse primarily through this astral lens.

Having the knowledge of your astral body will assist you to navigate life with awareness.  Know what makes you tick, know your tendencies for actions and reactions.  Each force is subject to positive and negative forces - we live in a reflective world, all things are subject to a polarity.  Without an awareness of these forces, you are unconscious of how life is running for you.  Like being on auto-pilot, your life is driven by something you don't need to pay attention to.  But if you do take note you give yourself the advantage of foresight and awareness.


A natal reading will reveal your latent potential and offer clarity on challenges you have probably already experienced but didn't know how to overcome.  Once you know how the forces are operating in your life, you have the opportunity to monopolize with foresight.  Know thyself, and know how extraordinary you can be by using what is available to you.

Natal Astrology readings are conducted in person or via Skype or Telegram – one on one.  Sessions are 1 ½ to 2 hours in duration.

In addition to the personal session, you will receive a comprehensive interpretation including Chiron. You are welcome to record your session for your future use.



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