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Astrology Forecasts


Have you ever heard the saying "The Planets must be lining up for you?"


When you were born the astral blueprint that influences you is the placement of the planets at the time, date and place of your birth.  This is your natal astrology chart.   Of course, the planets didn't stay that way, they kept moving or are in transit.  When planets make an angle to your natal chart and move into the different houses, the energies of those placements effect what happens to you.  The forces are like winds that create flows, windfalls, and those terrible difficulties and challenges.  


Predictive Astrology is a helpful guide for you to know what forces are at play in your life during the year.


Personal reports From Julie Braden, Astral Jules, are usually between 15 to 20 pages, full of insights as to how those moving planets are swaying your moods and steering your decisions.


Many clients will use their transit reports for their transformation process throughout the year. This helps with clarity on time windows and planning for events.  It is an advantage to know your natal chart to get a full understanding of how planetary transits effect you. 

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