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Astral Jules



I have to say that my job now is way better than it used to be when I was stuck

in a 9 to 5 bank job.  That was my old life – banks and management of properties,

and well – just the normal paper-pushing admin-type worker. I was really good at

it but it was not my life’s calling.

I am now a counselor, spiritual mentor, and life coach, specializing in the

modalities of Energy Psychology and Regression including past lives, and using

Transformational Astrology.  My work is to assist people to shift from their

ordinary human selves into a life that is more fulfilling.  In essence, I help people

move into their higher selves.  I also have the ability to link clients to angelic

realms where intimate experiences can unfold.

I have 24 years of experience as a Sidereal Astrologer and use the language

and craft of astrology to understand forces and comprehend their personal and

global influence.  This knowledge I use as a tool for self-awareness and spiritual

growth.  I don’t do the normal Sun Sign readings you see in magazines. I prefer to focus on character traits because, in terms of transformation, our understanding of our personality has a direct influence on who we are in the world, how we operate, and how we can improve and change ourselves. 


Using a person's chart I can quickly pinpoint trouble spots, difficulties, or challenges as well as the positive elements that clients may be missing because of their life experiences.  Understanding yourself enables ease in navigating your interactions with the world around you.

For most of my adult life I have focused on self-awareness, transformation, and healing.  Not only is this for my clients, but for myself.  If a practitioner does not walk the talk and undertake the same practices to overcome challenges, then what is the point?  The client will soon see the charade of shallowness and that is not me.  Spiritual or transformation work is an ongoing inner process, so my own journey is also ongoing.

I’ve had 20+ years of intense spiritual training, mapping consciousness and subtle-body building as described by Steiner and practiced by many spiritual adepts in various traditions, including Hinduism, Buddhism, and the Western Esoteric Tradition.  I am walking the talk in terms of transformation.  I know how tough it is to live a difficult and sometimes victimized life and I know how extraordinary it is to feel liberated by the discovery and embodiment of my higher self.

Being 'spiritual' is not just about connecting with angels and being psychic, although I do both from time to time.   Spiritual growth is the inward journey we take.  It’s the road less traveled, it's the inner work and requires turning our consciousness inward toward our own selves.  So any self-work is spiritual work whether you chose to believe

or not.

I’m very hands-on with clients and love to create a safe space to help you get closer to a fulfilling life journey.  I’m an intuitive empath with the strength to be able to handle anything in front of me.  I’ve worked with spiritual seekers, psychologists, psychiatrists, company executives, tradespeople, and your everyday Joe Blow.  I love my job and I know I can help you transform your life.

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