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Astral Jules

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Julie’s readings are on another level. Her work is mind-blowing. Her insights hold great power and conscious energy and have set the stage for massive positive transformation in my life. I feel more of my value, I have more income, more pleasure, direction and career focus all because of her profound work and guidance.

I came to Julie unable to see my path ahead. I was confused and anxious. She helped shine a light and cleared the way for my next stage of life. Her readings give me clarity, sense of purpose and a new understanding of my path ahead. 1000% worth it. I can wholeheartedly say that anyone who feels stuck, wants more out of life, and longs for deeper meaning and purpose will greatly benefit from a session with Julie Braden. She’s truly the best.

Kate Targan, California.  Music Artist

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I have done a lot of personal work for many years but the journey gets unclear here and there. Julie very quickly picked me up and directed me to see what was going on and made me see where I need to go. Such a great feeling to get clarity and some solid advice that really made sense.

BIG thanks!


Jeanette Johansson, Sweden.

Space Clearer & Home Consultant



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I adored working with Julie. Not only is she a fantastic source of knowledge and experience, but she is also a genuinely wonderful being.


I can’t begin to describe how much I learnt from my eight weeks of working with her. Julie gave me huge insight into the spiritual world and how to tap into this and, for anyone interested in learning about and channelling their full potential, I cannot recommend Julie highly enough.

Lizzie Cole

Nutritionist, Los Angeles

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Julie is a dear friend and someone I have been fortunate to do spiritual work with. She has read my astrology chart, and I have much more insight into it ever since. She has brought much laughter and vision to my life during the course of our spiritual work. And I feel utterly comfortable and nourished by the space she holds when we are together. I am certain her clients will benefit from her humour, vision and heart, as much as I have. Here's wishing you a successful practice Julie, with much love!


Dr Teoh Ren Shang  Singapore     Medical Doctor 



I have great pleasure in recommending Julie Braden as a skilled and insightful professional astrologer. She will certainly help you, just as she helped me, gain clarity and insight into the nature of your being and the problems you face in life. Undergoing one or several sessions with Julie definitely helped me to pull back the veil, allowing me to understand several issues and the way forward.


Peter  Sydney


I started having Regression sessions with Julie as I was ready to change my inner life and become the person that I wanted to be.  Julie was very supportive and knowledgeable, and some of the sessions were mind blowing!.  The after effects of our sessions I felt for days and sometimes weeks.  I am getting to know and love the person I am, and the things that used to annoy and upset me don't have the same impact on my life.

Dr Penny Reeves Rutherglen  Veterinarian

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Thanks so much Julie for our wonderful session.  I got much more out of it than I ever expected, and am ever so much more conscious of expanding my horizons, living life wholeheartedly and not shying away from my emotions.  You turned a key by shining a light on the keyhole, and I thank you for that.  


Sherry Snow, Tennesee USA


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I have now had two readings of my transits with Julie. She adds an extra layer by providing her own insight and interpretation making the whole experience more about getting to know oneself on a deeper level than just a superficial gaze into the proverbial crystal ball. Recently I re- read all my readings from the last two years. It was eerily uncanny how accurate she was with her readings and visions and by looking back through the readings I found myself seeing new levels of meaning. Without a doubt Julie's readings are extremely good value for money. If you are in the slightest bit interested in living a more interesting and richer life take the leap and have a transit reading by Julie Braden.

Martine Griffiths  Canberra.   Project Manager


I was curious to work with Julie and now I can say: Highly recommended! Reading of the natal chart and the transits of planets - what a wonderful support Julie gave me for my spiritual work and my life. Her interpretation was clear and really enlightening. From the first second she took regard on me - my knowing, my experience, my excitement, my vision. Do you know how it feels: "the pieces of the puzzle falling into place"?  This happened - during the reading and just until now, I get insights and understanding. Thanks :-) also for laughing a lot.

Martina Daske, Italy

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Hi Jules, I just wanted to let you know that my chart and our discussion has been exploding great big bombs inside me. Holy shit. Thank you. I was aware that i sounded like a victim and a moaning minnie in our recording. I haven't even been able to watch the recording as I still am holding the memory of the 'poor me' vibe i must have been giving out. Bloody hell. Very cathartic. Thank you. I will be back for more, it is absolutely priceless. Keep doing what you are doing, you are totally on the right track and amazingly fucking valuable. Thank you! Words can't even nail it.

Evlyn, New Zealand

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