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Another Retrograde passes

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

Mercury is now moving forward again and what a difference it can make.  How did you go?  I hear complaint after complaint when Mercury goes retrograde but the main key is knowing it's happening and being conscious of your experiences and behavior as it happens.   My experience is there is less communication, less personal emails in my inbox.  I love receiving emails from clients and friends so I really notice when this happens.  Now that Mercury is going forward I'm juggling between emails and the several chat apps I have open, which I love to do.  All is back to how I usually roll. I used the retrograde time to do some planning as I'm going to revamp my website and may even change the host company completely.  Not may, I will be doing it but have left myself plenty of time so I'm not under pressure. Awareness is so important to changing how you are affected by forces. Did you see people in conflict during the retrograde?  Did you get into conflict?  Did you struggle with communication and planning?  Did you spend the time being more introverted and deep in thought?  Did you experience chaos and wanted to punch someone? Hopefully your experiences were fruitful and positive.  If not, wait until the next one and see how your navigation skills go.  The remaining Mercury Retrogrades for 2020 will be from June 18th to July 12th, then October 14th to November 3rd.  Mark that on your calendar and be prepared.

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