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Ego Is Not A Dirty Word

There is a major significance to our ego and hopefully this next few minutes of knowledge building will have you change your view on why our ego has major significance to you. And perhaps you will think twice about dissing the ego as the root of all evil. This is often the catch cry heard among transformation students because our mismanagement of our own ego can make our lives miserable. The ego is only a problem because we make it a problem and there are levels to how big our issues and problems have become. I know you can relate.

Emotions (energy in motion, e = mc2) occur because of our projected reactions to our experiences. Depending on our perceptions to our experiences we either react or project negatively or positively into our field of consciousness. Your field of consciousness is anywhere or any space that you are present and aware of. Your emotional responses will affect you inwardly, and you will also be influencing outwardly everything and everyone around you.

On a global level we are ALL affected by the projected responses of everyone on the planet, past, present and future. I can’t remember who originally said this, “the words of Julius Caesar are still wafting in the airwaves.” If you think what you say and do doesn’t make a difference, not true.

It is our ego that is doing the responding and projecting in all forms from anger to love and everything in between. So let’s take a broader look at what the ego is. From the Hindu tradition, the Kabbalah, Rudolph Steiner and the Christian esoteric tradition the term Ego refers to the principle of individuality. This knowledge is via texts and interpretations often in the form of myth by the way, but knowledge that has come from learned scholars relating to states of consciousness and interpretations of sacred texts.

The Ego refers to the Self. The self is an individuation of our wholeness. It is this wholeness that spiritual initiates are practicing and striving to return to. This separation from the wholeness is what is referred to as the Fall. The myth of Adam and Eve is meant to be the portrayal of our loss of wholeness into a state of being individual.

As individuals we make choices for ourselves and have experiences which we could fathom as an individual experience. After the fall we experienced duality and reflection which gave us experiences of interactions or relationships as an individual. Our interpretation of those interactions is paramount to how we experience our lives.

It is easy to say that everything is an illusion and that everything we interpret is false because we are in essence part of the whole and that hasn’t changed. However, it is this fallen experience we are having that requires our attention in order to return to where we came from. Our perceptions need work. We can have a life filled with malaise or we could have a life filled with joy. Whether the experience is an illusion or not feels irrelevant in our physical human form.

Being in wholeness is like a state of merging where we intertwine with everything else. In this state there is a lack of boundaries – you don’t know where you start and finish. In essence it is a combined state of consciousness with no ability to know yourself as a separate being. The feeling is the feeling of unconditional love at the highest level.

Imagine basking in a sea of love permanently. There is no wonder people want to go back to that state. The age old unanswerable question is WHY. Why did the fall happen? When in the state of wholeness we could not see the power of love because we were love. We knew no different because this was our reality fully. When we became individuals it was by reflection that we learned to experience love separately. Again, why? Not answerable.

The fable about the fall is that there were many who experienced the separation but also knew they were part of the whole. Their experience was an enlightening one and they immediately were able to go back to the wholeness of the universal consciousness, untainted by their experience.

Unfortunately, there were those who could not see their wholeness, and aligned their consciousness to their individuality. They saw themselves as separate, and less than the whole. Their reactions to not being whole has landed us to where we are today. One action after another, one reaction after another.

The non-reactive beings who experienced themselves as individuals and also whole had an experience of their Ego or higher selves and ascended back to the divine mind.

The reactive beings became subject to the forces that influenced them individually – this is also ego. The term fallen refers to anything we see of ourselves that is not whole. The individuation became a problem because by choice we made it a problem. The primary reason people do spiritual work and seek enlightenment is so they can go back to that original state. The memory of our unfallen self which experiences unconditional love is stamped deep in our cells, never to be erased. For many that memory is buried deep within our subconscious minds but it is the memory that drives us to want love.

In terms of the fall of man it is projected that the blame falls squarely with 'God' and there have been many regression sessions where 'God-blame' has arisen. Fair enough, it’s part of the human experience to have this perception. I mean we don’t know right! But it wasn’t us was it and, we want a reason for this mess!

Complaining about the ego is a blame game used commonly so that we can project our reactions or triggers onto something else. Whatever annoys us and creates emotional expressions such as grief, anger, hate, frustration, whatever the emotion is – it is because of the ego. But notice how our perception of our experience is clouded by our reactions because of our choices. Know also that we can’t have a human experience on this planet without our ego. This sheath is how we see our experience.

It is how we interact in duality. We can’t know love until we lose it. We can’t care for something without not being cared for. We can’t know anger without understanding peace and calm, we can’t know loss without first knowing the fullness of love. Duality can be a bitch, but it is also our saviour.

In order to experience this life in your Ego (used with capital E) or your Higher Self requires embodying the knowing that you are part of the whole and feeling and knowing that you are loved and not separate from the Divine Mind, the All That Is, the Christ within.

To enable ourselves to reach this high state of consciousness while walking on terra firma, we must resolve all of those reactions and triggers, and ride the forces to our advantage. Change your reactive ego into a transformed Ego. This is a state of being, it is an alignment of your individuality to the Whole.

This is truly an empowered state, one in which you no longer crave the love of the divine. You become aware that you are an emanation of the divine and love is no longer something you seek outside of yourself.

2020 has become a year of learning and transformation, change and challenges which hopefully enables a transition to know your real self. For more clarity on your astral blueprint and to have a one on one session with Julie to know more of your natal chart and the current transits affecting you, use the contact page or email for details.

You can also join Julie's Facebook page and share how the planetary forces are affecting you.

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