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Excitement or Fear?

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Remember when you were a child, playing hide and seek and you were hiding in the best place you could find and you could hear the seeker getting closer and closer? You held your breath, you could hear your heart pounding and the excitement was building so much that you could hardly hold in the scream you wanted to let out. Remember you could jump out of your hiding place and run home and win provided you didn’t get tagged? That heightened feeling is enlivening, it’s exhilarating from the top of your head to your toes. But the prelude to the climax of either being caught or running home can also scare you to death! I remember hide and seek gave me my first lessons in winning or losing and raised the voltage of playing games. Can you remember how your body was alive and engaged? Those were the days!!

The flavor of Uranus is very similar. It is enlivening or, depending on your fears and mental attitudes, it can scare you into a stupor. The reason for the stupor is the inability to handle the volatile force of fiery excitement which turns to out of control feelings akin to fear. With Uranus mixing its forces with Mars (Aries), the sensations become more intense. You will perhaps recognise this force as being part of the fight and flight response. You are placed in a situation where you are required to use will (Mars) with voltage (Uranus). The fear of this fire is a major culprit for anxiety. Panic arises when you are being faced with something that is overwhelming to your sense of balance.

When you flow nicely with this force or ride the Uranus/Mars wave, the feeling is exhilarating. And careful anyone getting in your way as you go about your day with the full force of fire and joy. Achievement is effortless, nothing gets in your way, no one can stop you, you get 10 hours work done in 3 hours with ease. You’ve not eaten, it doesn’t matter. You’re not tired and want more to do. With the high flow of the Mars/Uranus force there are very few people game enough to stand in your way as you raise yourself above the norms of achievement. You feel alive! I know people who have a good strong Uranus who are embarking on wonderful endeavours, stepping out into the great unknown and taking chances on fame and fortune, or at least hoping for a sense of achievement. Surf well brave people.

I forgot to mention in the first Uranus instalment that Uranus is often known as the rebel. Those who align with a strong Uranus force are freedom fighters and don’t like conformity unless they can keep their autonomy. Is that possible these days? Anyone wielding their authoritarian stick in the face of a Uranus girl or boy is likely to be included in a rebellion. If the rebellion has started, which it likely has, take stock of how it’s playing out. Who or what are you fighting with, what are you rebelling against? Do some reflecting on this, take it seriously for a day or two, but not too serious that you can’t be hopeful of Uranus blasting you out of stagnancy. The reflection is because you cannot change what you cannot see. In reflection ask what is stopping you? What situation(s) make you agitated? If you had the freedom to do what you wanted, what would you do? Who or what are you blaming for your stagnancy?

Coming very soon we go further into the struggle of breaking free of our minds limitations and overcoming the boredom of stagnancy.

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