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Forces And Their Effects On Us

Noticeably over the last decade, there has been more scientific exploration and validation on topics that were once deemed as pagan or spiritual nonsense. As you know Astrology has been deemed pseudo-science and is still not given credence except by those who dabble in fortune-telling or by those who are adept at understanding the language and who can truly feel the effects in a tangible way as playing a role in our lives.

Now, particularly in 2020, there is much talk about the quantum field and the effects our minds have on our reality and how through the quantum field we can change our reality using methods that have always been available but were not mainstream.

A renewed spiritual awakening is occurring and there are many people seeking inner nourishment and healing. We are experiencing a modern-day renaissance. Many are having life-changing realizations and tactile experiences using methods that are now becoming scientifically proven to not be bogus which were once labeled pagan nonsense.

This is an article excerpt from Bruce Lipton, a Biologist from the US who is bridging the connection between biology and energy fields. Bruce is not an Astrologer but has delved into how astrology has predicted evolutionary events on our planet, and he uses his knowledge of energy influences from the quantum field which cannot exclude the planetary forces.

He writes: “The influence of Astrology on human behavior has been dismissed by conflicting beliefs provided in conventional Newtonian physics, wherein matter and energy are defined as separate, non-interacting realms. Simply, a body made out of matter cannot be influenced by energy “fields,” and this would be especially true for those fields generated by distant planets and stars.”

That scientific decision is a primary reason why modern-day Astronomers distanced themselves from ‘believing’ that Astrology, the language of the forces, is real. Astronomy deals with the stars and planets as physical objects in our universe and dismisses that those objects have any effect on humans.

Lipton continues “This notion of a dual-realm Universe comprised of both matter and energy is a total misperception. The most valid and truthful science, quantum physics, emphasizes that the universe is a “singularity” comprised of only energy, with the notion of matter as a separate realm being an illusion. Einstein was quoted as saying: “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a persistent one.”

“The simple fact is every “thing” in the Universe is made out of energy and all energies are entangled and interconnected. In this regard it is relevant to again cite Einstein: “The field is the soul governing agency of the particle.”

You and I are matter. We matter! Lipton goes on to say: “Nano-energy fields comprise the structure of protons, neutrons, and electrons, and these energy fields provide the physical character of atoms, the elemental particles we perceive as matter.”

We are matter and we are governed and influenced by the field.

So what is the definition of the Soul? According to Ancient Greek literature, the soul is the psyche. Another term for this influence is known as Astrality. The term Astral comes from the word Aster which is the influence of the stars and planets.

Each planet has its own flavor or vibration and frequency which imprints its energetic influence upon us in the form of thoughts and emotions. The forces trigger responses in the form of moods and reactions because energy intertwines with matter, and we are matter and energy combined.

In the ancient days, I’m talking ancient Egypt around 3000BC through to the days of Julius Caesar and the Roman Empire, the craft of Astrology was not separate from Astronomy. You can’t have one without the other. Understanding the language of astrology was not as difficult then as it is today because the ability to feel those forces was more natural then.

Sadly our modern lifestyles have our minds and bodies distracted toward man-made objects that shine and sparkle, and our natural abilities to tune into the original archetype of sparkling objects, stars, has almost disappeared from our repertoire of human abilities.

It is still possible to have the conscious experience of the feeling of a planetary force. All you have to do is to practice star gazing with a level of depth. You do not need a telescope for this, just look up at the night sky. Beyond just looking at the stars, learn to tune into them. Each star and planet has its own flavor and with practice, you can learn to discern the differences. Using your vision and sensory perception you can pick up on the subtle differences.

Ancient astrologers were adepts with their sensory perceptions, and those who had perfected their craft were summoned to council kings, queens, and governors. They knew how the forces were going to affect them and their kingdoms. Major decisions were often made after consulting these sages and they were respected and paid handsomely. Of course, if the astrologer gave bad advice they were banished or beheaded.

Moving forward with our time together I am hoping more people take the effort to learn the language as an experience and not because someone told you what the force of Saturn or the force of Neptune means in your chart. Tactile awareness of how the forces are making you feel, how you act, react, and respond allows you to take more responsibility for your decisions and behavior. Your astrology chart or blueprint is the key to understanding why you act, react, and respond.

Quantum physics emphasizes that “consciousness creates our reality.” So being more conscious of the influence of forces is key to your self-empowerment. It is by expanding your consciousness that you know the forces influencing you and by expanding your awareness of forces you will no longer be swayed by them and you will know how to use them to your advantage.

This level of awareness and way of being is how your higher self comes into the world. You have enabled the transformation of the ego into self-realization at a high level.

To see your personal planetary blueprint and have a 2 hour comprehensive reading with Julie, send a return email for details. Or join Julie's Facebook Group so you can learn more and discuss how those planetary forces are affecting you.

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