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Getting Personal with Uranus

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

If you are not used to the Uranus/Mars steam train you’re likely struggling. Everyone is being affected by this force now, some worse than others. The reason why the struggle is real is because inside all of us is the desire for freedom, creativeness and ideal experiences. It is an innate wanting whether you are aware of it or not.

For most of us these wantings have been quashed, either by a controlled environment where you feel you have never been considered an individual and the possibilities of achieving your dreams never arose. It’s easy to say that this is the likely scenario. On a global scale it’s not hard to see the enslaving environments we live in.

Your consciousness, your sense of self has been diverted away from you personally and directed toward everyone else, e.g. Your parents are more important than you and many parents lay an entitlement card in your face, meaning you serve their needs first, then you get your turn. The expectations of your family, friends, school teachers and your government are at the forefront of your reality. And let’s not forget the consumer driven corporate world stealing every minute of your time and costing every cent in your wallet. Make them happy and then you can have your turn.

Whether you realise it or not, your reality has been moulded by your upbringing and those influences can be either beneficial or restricting, depending on your own personal desires and wantings. At some point you wake up to see that your life is not your own and you want to break away from someone else’s rule book and make your own set. Breaking free of those limitations doesn’t come without discomfort.

Stagnation occurs because we fear breaking the barriers of our self-imposed limitations. Yes, I said we were conforming to others wantings, but we also allowed it to happen, either personally or collectively. Our comfort zone is safe, we can make it cosy and alluring. We will justify the existence of our safe zone based on a big bad world of turmoil and uncontrollable events. And you can live in this stagnant space for the rest of your life if you choose. How sad it is, when one reaches the age of 80 and resent all the missed opportunities because no risks were taken to live a more fulfilling life.

Uranus, with the help of Mars (Aries) is the breaker of limits. The time is right to have your own inner revolution. Absolutely nothing remains the same, no force remains still waiting for you to catch up. For you to not move forward requires you to grab hold of your current position and hold on for dear life. That resistance to change creates tension and stress and it’s easy to picture your inner child throwing a tantrum before taking the leap into the unknown. But freedom and the flow of life will happen during and after your personal revolution. Start making baby steps, breathe into your fears and go for it.

To understand the forces that are affecting you and to navigate life more easily, make contact and we can get the ball rolling. Send a return email for more details. Ride the waves, don't get dumped by them.

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