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Inner Work Series 13 - Forces of Karma

This podcast involves delving into Karma v the normal average emotional issues. Jules has spent an enormous amount of time looking at karma following her own experiences of navigating particular karmic forces in her astrological chart.

This was a topic I worked on with my spiritual teacher, Samuel Sagan prior to his passing. Because of their major effects on our lives, I have continued the work of downloading the interpretations to karmic forces in the astrological chart.

Please hit the thumbs up. share and comment on the topics. Let me know if you have questions and any topics you would like covered. All the content I share on Rumble is free. There is an extensive amount of knowledge covering planetary forces and an ongoing series on Inner Work.

If you are interested in knowing the karmic forces in your chart message me for details.

Jules is currently taking clients for Regression Healing sessions, and personal astrology readings including natal, transits, and karma readings. You will be taken beyond the normal constellation and Sun Sign readings to in-depth coverage of what affects you in this life in terms of forces and your experiences. Please enquire via Contact for more details.

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