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Jupiter and Saturn in 2023

A short overview of Jupiter in Aries and Saturn in Aquarius for this year.

Jupiter is giving you the impetus to get a good sense of who you are but not in a passive way. Think of Aries as the I AM constellation, the first constellation in the zodiac, it is the beginning of a cycle for you. So whatever house your Aries is in Jupiter will expand the experience of growth in that area. So who are you?

Saturn in Aquarius is going to give you an impulse to look at the friends and acquaintances you associate with and the community you are in. Lessons will abound in this area. You may find the stale and stuckness of your social life forces you to change the people you want to be around. Maybe you are the person who will add fire and spice to your friends to ensure things don't stagnate. You may be looking for more excitement and may hunt for a better tribe to associate with.

Personally, I'm using the force of Jupiter in Aries, and Pluto in Capricorn and have relaunched my desire to pass knowledge on forces and their effects on us. Future videos will be a mix of the influence of forces (astrology) and our emotional and feeling experiences as we walk on this planet.

I could use your support as I get Astral Jules out in the world so please like, subscribe, and comment on the videos. Doing this will help me leverage off your desire for more information and keep the momentum going. You are welcome to ask questions also which I can use as content.

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Until next time, may the forces be with you.

Julie is currently taking clients for personal astrology readings including natal, transits, and karma readings. Please note that Karma reports are often not suitable unless you have a comprehension of your natal chart and an awareness of the forces affecting you. Karma reports are suitable if you are undertaking transformation work that includes self-knowledge.

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