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Planetary Transits - An Introduction

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Transits are moving forces that influence your life day to day throughout your life. Your Natal astrology chart is the lifetime blueprint of your Astral Body and does not alter. The natal chart details the exact position of the planets in houses and their angle to other planets and constellations when you were born. The flavours of these forces determine your character traits and together with your upbringing and daily interactions you act and react a certain way.

The planets, however, do not stay stagnant. The earth continues to spin and rotate around the Sun and through the constellations. When the planet moves into a position that angles against a planet's position in your natal chart, this is called a transit. The flavour of the moving planets coming up against your natal planets creates particular forces that create waves, just as the Moon influences tides. These waves animate your astral body and influence your human experience both the mind (astrally) and body (etherically).

A transit interpretation helps you to understand what is going on when transits influence you. These are times when you can get clarity on the current situation you are in. They can encourage you to step into a project, or out of a situation. It all depends on how you respond. Mind you sometimes forces can be so powerful that you may not feel you have a choice. Is it you or is it the forces that create accidents and incidences? That is a mystery to ponder!

Each Planetary Force has positive and negative traits associated with them. The more you understand the forces that influence your life the more you know how you react and respond to the world. Not having this clarity means you are being swayed by forces unconsciously. The ultimate knowledge of Astral forces enables you to use the positive traits in your life instead of being pulled incessantly by the negative. This conscious awareness of forces puts you in the driver’s seat of your experiences. You use the forces to your advantage and this is the creative flow you feel.

Using the positive elements of forces makes you a receptacle for your higher self to flourish in the world. This is Inner Alchemy.

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