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Retrogrades 2023

The Retrograde graph is attached with my compliments to help you plan your year. Knowing when the intensities occur is helpful for business events, travel, wedding dates, and a general understanding of when times get tougher than usual.

Retrograde forces affect people differently. For some, the intensity is welcomed, for others life becomes difficult or challenging. It pays to take notice of when things become difficult and check whether a retrograde planet may be the cause of your problems. Sometimes you just need a reason, then learning to navigate them is key instead of hiding at home on the couch!

By now you will be aware of what happens with Mercury when it goes retrograde. One has just finished and there will be 3 more phases in 2023.

From now we get a break for a few months from the intensity of planets spinning on the spot. Then June through to the end of the year brings another cycle of lessons by Saturn and transformation thanks to Pluto. With Chiron and Uranus also in retrograde in the second half of the year, alongside Saturn and Pluto, you can expect the churning of old wounds being brought to the surface to be dealt with.

There were major planetary intensities during 2022. Of major note is Pluto's transit in Capricorn which is literally changing the foundations we rest on. This is a global shift not unlike the period of the Reformation, The Crusades, and the Renaissance, to name a few. All of these events happened during Pluto's transit through Capricorn. We are still in the early stages of this push for a new global foundation, so forget waiting for the end date - it is a long way off. Foundational shifts are always long especially if an old structure or two needs to be taken down.

With the Chiron influence, many people are having to overcome traumas from the past in order to build a new foundation to rest on. The Chiron Retrograde is a good period to put a major focus on yourself. You may find that undergoing a phase of therapy may be fortuitous as retrogrades tend to burrow in on what it is that needs to come to the surface.

It's likely you will get a well earned reprieve as Uranus goes forward on the 22nd of January. Uranus is a revolutionary and rebellious force that urges you to break out of old limitations. You may have noticed 2021 and 2022 have seen major restrictions on our freedoms. Forces work both globally and personally on an internal level. Have you noticed a strong desire to break free of anything or anyone who has an authoritarian hold on you? Self-imposed limitations are to be addressed big time, and anyone imposing their judgments or demands on you will no longer be tolerated.

It's not all doom and gloom for 2023. Amid the major forces of transformation and lessons and trauma resolution, Neptune may be the saving grace that not many are talking about. Perhaps it requires a separate blog. In short Neptune, the planet of delusion lower mode is in its own sign of Pisces and will remain in that sign (Sidereal) until mid-2035. My take on this force is that a major transformation is taking place on our planet toward a more humanitarian and spiritual perception and attitude for masses of people. This is a major force for the Great Awakening and our Ascension into higher dimensions. Neptune's higher mode or positive influence is glorious and will help direct you into a more spiritual way of seeing the world. This is a major part of the Golden Age. We first have to get out of the delusion of what we think is the truth.

Please use your Retrograde Graph, cut it out and stick it on the fridge so you can take notice of what forces are doing, and navigate your life a little better. Enjoy 2023.

One on one astrology readings are available by contacting Julie to arrange an appointment. Julie requires your date, place, and time of birth, then you will be on your way to understanding who you are and whether you are close to your higher self. Perhaps it's closer than you think. As we get more emerged in the Great Awakening phase you will find your reading a valuable tool for raising your consciousness and ascending into higher realms.

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