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Saturn - A Basic Overview

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Saturn is one of those planets you hear so many bad things about. Saturn represents the father and also authoritarian traits. Often you will see Saturnian people as control freaks. If you visit their homes you can feel restricted and uncomfortable. It’s not usually a place where you can relax and sloth about. There is no mess. If you visit for a meal the dishes are done 5 minutes after a meal is finished. Saturn people are organized and structured and it shows in the clothes they wear, the reliable car they have, to the way they do their jobs. They are methodical and reliable and they are the type of person bosses want to organize or run the administration of their businesses.

Many people shun this organized and overly responsible person mainly because they can’t stack up to the perfection those types seek in their own lives. For the Saturn person themselves, there is nothing better than the feeling of a shipshape house, they love clean, neat and organized. A cleaned house and being able to climb into a bed with fresh clean sheets are the epitome of perfection in Saturn structured housekeeping!

Let’s do a few negative traits of a Saturn person first. Fear and Saturn go together. The control freak is controlling because if things get out of control they can’t handle it. For them it’s wrong to not be in control. Saturn people can be quite rigid. They don’t like stepping outside their normal familiar world. There can be a heaviness to Saturn people because of this rigidity. But also because they take on the responsibility of the environment around them. Their lack of flexibility can create boredom which leads to pessimism, depression and inhibition. Controlling the world is not fun, it’s serious business!

There are many positive sides to Saturn which you often don’t get to hear about. People are too busy looking at the limiting behavioural traits to notice what Saturn people are capable of. Saturn people like to get things right, which is why they are often sought after in business. Saturnian people are organised, lead with practicality and not daydreams and are quite grounded, i.e. they can focus on what is needed and know-how and why.

For those who have a strong Saturn and you have difficulty with your own traits, maybe you need to deal with the emancipation of Saturn first. Understand what it is your Saturn is looking for. In this search you may find a freedom you were not expecting. Saturn is the teacher in your chart. The ultimate desire for higher mode Saturn is perfection. With the experience of those freshly cleaned sheets, that sigh is an expression of how perfect the feeling is after a hard day’s work. The next time you are dismayed at your Saturnian behaviour remember what it is you are ultimately wanting. Often it’s not a thing we are wanting, but a state of being or the space we want to be in. That state of perfection which aligns with integrity is the ultimate wanting. But let’s get back to human vulnerabilities and the fallen norms.

As the teacher, Saturn is going to lead you into and out of experiences that are not to your liking. Everything will feel like a lesson to be learned and many times these lessons will not be pleasant. But take note that Saturn is trying to teach and show you what you truly want, and your universe is being rearranged away from your old programming. If you’ve been stuck because your programming is in the way, pay attention and understand what’s happening.

In transit when Saturn is hitting up against different houses and angles to other planets you are being prompted to take responsibility for what is happening. These occurrences are never truly external. Your conscious mind avoids the responsibility for what’s happening and then the unconscious mind takes over by programming the event unconsciously. You do not experience these effects until the outer world reacts and an event occurs that seems like fate. This is nothing more than the universe responding to your own actions. You can see why this may feel unpleasant.

Depression, sadness, physical and emotional loss are all signs that you are not well adjusted to the issues Saturn is trying to teach you. These are normal responses mainly because most people are not in touch with themselves enough that they can react to Saturn positively. Flowing with your Saturn feels fabulous. Your world is structured, you have knowledge and knowhow, your integrity claims a sense of peace and you can take responsibility for yourself because you have trust in your capabilities. Taking responsibility for yourself and trusting yourself are two primary Saturn traits you can take pride in. Of course, the journey to attaining these elements is not always easy.

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