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The First One

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Where to begin? Beginnings are hard, a bit like incarnating and being birthed. It’s confusing and there is pain and you feel like you’ve just fallen from a great height into the great unknown.

Hi, I’m Jules. I study forces and the astral body. The usual title for this is astrology, though I’m not your average astrologer. I’m an Inner Space Practitioner too, that’s a therapist – there are heaps of us therapists around because everyone is confused! I use the language extensively but hopefully on a level that can bridge your experience to something tangible. Astrology is a language for your psyche. It’s a bit like French, it’s foreign until you become familiar. Knowing your own self is a bit like learning French also. Most people don’t have a clue who they are. I didn’t and that’s why I set about finding out.

My knowledge comes from lifetimes of observation through experience, broadened perspective, personal and global events and studying people and major self-reflection. I don’t play with Sun Signs too much, I prefer to get into the guts of what literally makes your head spin, what makes you want to give up, what makes you cry and laugh, and what makes you more determined to not be beaten by life. There are good bits too, it’s not all shitty stuff.

Nothing happens without a force and your astral body is a mixture of forces you live with for life. They mould your psyche, your thoughts and emotions, your good and bad bits. The struggle is real and I don’t underestimate the difficulties we face individually and collectively. The world is a bit messed up, no doubt you’ve noticed. There is this microcosmic and macrocosmic dynamic happening and some people are tearing their hair out. I see you. I’m not immune to being affected, none of us are. But damned if I’m going to let this influence destroy me. Get your inner empath dusted off because we need to ride this out together. No man is an island after all, and what may get that man off that island is knowing many others share the same difficulties.

Become aware that as the planets move, the energetic forces influence the globe collectively and you individually. It’s the individual influence you want to get a handle on because it’s only by self-knowledge and awareness that you can change your perception and have any chance of overcoming challenges. The challenges are emotional moods, negative feelings, confrontations, humps and bumps that knock you off your center. Knowledge helps here. You don’t have to be conversant as an astrologer, but to get the most out of this knowledge is to apply the force to your own experiences. Take note of them, go inside, reflect, acknowledge, breath – always a good thing, observe and be brave enough to step into the force, ride it and master the force.

You cannot erase forces either within you or externally. The world would stop turning and I’m not sure what chaos would exist then. Would we exist? Hmmm! So forget about suppressing forces. You want to become a master at wave surfing. That’s what forces give you. Waves to ride. Simple!

So, here we go! I am being encouraged to share my knowledge beyond one on one readings. Please be patient and kind as I negotiate the astral downloads and avoid incoherent rantings. Hopefully you will get something from what I have to share.

Until next time may the forces be with you!

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