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The Jupiter Force

Updated: Apr 16

A big talk on the biggest planet in our solar system. There is a lot to know about the Jupiter Force, from health issues to sexuality, how to get a partner, and how not to get one if that's your choice! As well as plants, gems, and essential oils.

Everyone is influenced by all the planets and stars, no one has an exemption. Knowing whether your Jupiter is a big influencer in your life helps you to navigate the force and ensure you are getting all the positive benefits it has to offer.

Please enjoy this expose on Jupiter and may this jovial and expansive force bring benefits to your life.

Jules is currently taking clients for personal astrology readings including natal, transits, and karma readings. You will be taken beyond the normal constellation and Sun Sign readings to an in depth coverage of what affects you in this life in terms of forces. Consults and Healing sessions are also available. Please enquire via Contact.

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