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(R) J.Braden


Astral Jules

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I know what it feels like to not know who you are.  I know the difficulty in not having worth, not being valued and walking around in a daze of confusion while seeking answers.  Reflections from others felt like being splattered in mud.  I spent years searching for myself and I eventually did it.  I came to understand myself and literally shed weight, emotions and feelings that were weighing me down.  Life just got a whole lot better.




People are always saying that the ego is the root of all evil.  Well, it sort of is, but that’s the lower or fallen ego which is also the little version of you.   A  transformed Ego may be something you’ve not heard of, but it is the trusted friend we are all seeking.  It is likely you don't know much about your Higher Self because your little ego is running wild and mucking up your life via subconscious programming - ie the programming you received as a child.   Let's face it, we can't walk the planet as human beings without an ego.  But a transformed Ego is our higher selves walking the planet and I have the knowhow to help you bring this stronger, more lovable version of you into the world.




My job is to get you to know your real self and our work together will become quite intimate as I help you transition from little you to the full potential you already have. Instead of being miserable and restricted by your emotional experiences, I will define your obstacles or your little ego, we will lay it all out on the table, and I will reveal to you the higher traits that you possess which will enable you to literally turn your life around.  I have access to your Soul Blueprint and I will make sure you become familiar with who you really are with the help of energy psychology




Our time together is one to one and I will guide you into the knowledge of your personal potential.  Be prepared for some genuine caring, empathy and honesty, and a transformed perspective on your emotional landscape and your life.  I will use a mixture of planetary forces that affect you personally and energy psychology and regression.

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