© 2015 by Julie Braden

The struggles of life are real and I'll be the last to say otherwise.  We are sold the line that happiness is our aim in life, yet some of our greatest spiritual sages will say that is not the case.  Confused?  I was.

Be present, be real and be you.  To find the best version of yourself you do need to be present and real but most of us don't know who that is.  Who am I?  Have you asked yourself that question?  What answer did you get?


Our minds have become so polluted by scars and traumas of life.  Our thoughts are a mess trying to figure out what is right and wrong.  We're confused about how we were brought up, how we were educated, the expectations of how we are supposed to live - get a job, earn money, buy a house, get married.  And while we engage in the treadmill we are supposed to find happiness.

Astral Jules was born from my own search for the self.  Talk therapy was not enough because it never got me to the depths of where I needed to go.  There were layers of dross holding me back and my limitations and blockages were quite heavy.  For 23 years I studied sidereal astrology which enabled me to understand the sheath of forces that was a major influence of character traits I held - the positive and negative.  I was not happy with the usual Sun Sign versions, I wanted a warts and all picture of the astrality, the forces that animate my humanness.  

My job is not to fix you as you are not broken.  Using the Inner Space Technique and my Transformational Consciousness based Astrology, together we can reveal what needs to be revealed, healed and developed so that the highest version of you can shine in the world.