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Energetic Clearing



The term 'entity' refers to non-physical beings or elementals.  These are presences which come to be attached to human beings and act as parasites.  They can create various emotional, mental and physical problems ranging from eating disorders and uncontrollable emotions to the most severe diseases.


As well as humans, entities can attach themselves to a home environment or any object that has a life force, including motor vehicles.  You may understand entities or parasitic fragments to be ghosts.  Many cases are known where presences appear at the foot of the bed, or walk the halls of your home at night. More often than not the presences are not welcome and wreck havoc on either yourself or your children, disturbed sleep being a common experience.


Depending on where an entity has embedded itself, you may need to undertake a few sessions of Inner Space Therapy in order to dislodge and have the parasite cleared from your personal energy.  If the entity or ghost is roaming your home disturbing your peace, or interfering with your driving you may want to consider having it cleared.


If you feel you have an entity disturbing your life force or space please email with details and we can discuss further.




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