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May 2024 Planetary Forces

May is a particularly interesting month in terms of strong and powerful forces being unleashed. Particularly Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter and Saturn - all with the higher purpose of awakening and taking back what is rightfully yours. Astral Jules has a platform on youtube and Rumble for the monthly planetary reviews. These reviews are often not published via this website because of the limitations of mass emails per month imposed by Wix. However, you should not miss out on this information. Jules publishes the reviews via Facebook, MeWe, Rumble and youtube.

Also, check out the free Inner Work Series and the series on Planetary Forces either via this website or on Rumble.

Jules has provided heaps of free content as a knowledge guide on emotions and feelings and also the necessary esoteric knowledge of astrology, all for self awareness and awakening.

Jules is currently taking clients for Regression Healing sessions, and personal astrology readings including natal, transits, and karma readings. You will be taken beyond the normal constellation and Sun Sign readings to in-depth coverage of what affects you in this life in terms of forces and your experiences. Please enquire via Contact for more details.

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