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The Pluto Jupiter Conjunction

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

It’s the 1st of April and the major conjunction is now intensifying as Jupiter joins Pluto in exact alignment. Currently, we have a line-up of Mars, Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn. By the 10th of April Mars begins to pull out of the mix which leaves the remaining three in conjunction until the end of 2020. It pays to dissect the qualities here to get a better understanding of the impacts these forces make. Again I want to impress that these forces affect us globally as well as individually. And we can only make changes to our individual selves which then impacts us all collectively. I wrote about the Pluto/Saturn conjunction a while ago. Now let’s look at the Pluto Jupiter combination and see if you can relate to the qualities they have. Jupiter reigns as the king of the heavens. Pluto is the king of the underworlds. Together this combination is very powerful. Power above, power below. You will have noticed the changes happening in the world where the catalyst for disruption has been COVID19. Whilst the virus is not blamed as the seed of the global malaise, it is indeed causing shifts in structures that we have rested on day today. No-one is exempt from these forces, the rich, poor and everyone in between is embroiled here. The virus is bringing our behavior to the fore, the good, bad and ugly. I have had many people comment on how they are seeing forces of dark fighting with forces of light. This is certainly an effect of a Jupiter Pluto association. It is the job of Luciferic or dark forces to disconnect people and an example of how this plays out is the appearance of lack which creates fear and incites greed, versus abundance and caring. We have a choice. Individually and collectively we are experiencing a tessellation, where we are being enticed to take sides to either reach out and help each other which is a core human value, or be part of the self-serving disconnected trait of greed and fear. Those in denial are stuck in the middle not wanting to change their comfort zone. Yes, there is a middle ground here and if you’re stuck it’s time to do some soul searching. To bring this into our own personal reality we are looking at a tussle between our higher selves and the depths we possess. This depth can be interpreted as our shadow side or dark side of the level of depth we hold. The level of integrity you have fostered in your life, or even past lives, will determine how well you have worked on yourself to hold the intensity of the current forces we are experiencing. What I’ve described above can also be associated with the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in terms of reflecting on our actions to the virus, we are experiencing lessons and given the chance for transformation. With Jupiter and Pluto, the highlight is the power struggles within us and out in the world. Jupiter magnifies the intensity of what Pluto brings and together we have a pull within us to take sides. Power meets power, it’s the clash of the Titans within us all. The tessellation is interesting to watch. As with all forces, there is polarity involved. Most of us are no longer distracted by our 9 to 5 working lives, as mundane or exciting as it may be to you. We are forced to stay inside. Some are taking the opportunity to meditate, whereas for many this slowing down is causing conflictual sensations of what to do with all the extra time we have. Some are climbing the walls, the dog is being walked twice as much because confinement is not comfortable. Confinement can bring out the worst in people. Alternatively, many people are jumping out of their skin with creativity and spreading it around like it’s the new craze on social media. Have we rediscovered what it is to be human again? With this heightened creative activity, I feel the joy that has been latent, rising to the surface. Did someone just turn on the light? We can express our own personal power of creativity, share it, be inclusive and experience our humanness. Void of the restrictions of a rhythmic grind so many of us are chained to, we are now forced to have time to ourselves and open our minds. So many acts of kindness, and self-sacrifice as our medical angels are working so hard to save people at the risk of their own lives. Again this is a beautiful human trait often overlooked in a greedy world usually smothered in economic outcomes. As the world frenzy is forced to slow down and isolate, the planet is shaking off the filth of smog and the effects of our human activities. Is it possible that we have received a reprieve from the global warming catastrophe? It’s early days yet. But maybe the gods have intervened and I’m quite open to that being the case. We humans certainly need the help The Pluto/Jupiter conjunction is a time where we can align with the king of the heavens which is a stepping up and, and check our alignment with the king of the underworlds. We can find strength in our own depth so it enables us to be the best versions of ourselves. This is our individual opportunity to clean up our act, to make changes to our perceptions and attitudes and bring back our humanness. – As Above, So Below.

To understand the forces that are affecting you and to navigate life more easily, make contact and we can get the ball rolling. Send a return email for more details. Ride the waves, don't get dumped by them.

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