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The Saturn Pluto Conjunction 2019 to 2023

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

The current Saturn Pluto conjunction began early 2019 and will remain conjunct until the end of 2020. Next week the conjunction goes from Sagittarius to Capricorn which is great cause for attention on a personal and global level.

Saturn in your natal chart is the teacher, Pluto is the transformer. So when a conjunction of these two occurs, firstly in the natal chart there is a major force for learning and transformation. Everything these two planets are associated with, i.e. the house placement and constellation they are in, will undergo an intensity that forces thorough learning (Saturn) and then transformation (Pluto). The experience is quite intense because there is usually a build-up of tension because of rigidity and stubbornness from Saturn which doesn’t like change, and Pluto which by its very nature is intense, secretive and extreme. Pluto will delve deep into the unconscious and subconscious realms of your psyche and dig up all that is unseen. The result of this delving tends toward self-destructive tendencies. This combination can be very heavy.

There is no point suppressing the Saturn Pluto energies. Well, you can but life will be quite unpleasant. Understand that new structures are being built because there is a personal evolution going on. Let Saturn give you the impetus to form these new structures and allow the transformation to flow.

The Saturn Pluto combination is also having an effect globally. You may have noticed the political events playing out and the global uprising from people concerned about the environmental health of the planet which includes humans, animal extinctions, droughts, floods and other general catastrophes. There is a demand for structural and systemic changes which governments have an aversion to fulfilling.

While it is easy to place your attention externally to the global events playing out, be aware that these external events are a result of our collective internal selves. This conjunction is a very valuable opportunity to do a lot of inner work and get your life moving in the direction you have always been wanting.

To understand the forces that are affecting you and to navigate life more easily, make contact and we can get the ball rolling. Send a return email for more details. Ride the waves, don't get dumped by them.

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