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Venus and Mars Doing Their Thing

Mars leaves Capricorn on the 4th of May and moves into Aquarius which has us going from a period of law and order with police influences into a phase of freedom. The pandemic, of course, has seen us cooped up for months. Now some countries are entering a phase of relaxing restrictions giving us the ability to move around more.

This does not mean the pandemic is over, nor does it mean freedom to bypass common sense. Saturn and Pluto are still conjunct and are the main players and the dominating influence currently affecting our lives. The pandemic is real and has become the catalyst for how we act and react in our day to day lives.

Mars will be in Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, until the 18th of June and for those born with the Sun or Mars in Aquarius, this freedom will feel like a massive weight has been lifted. Uranus people don’t like being restricted in any way. They like to do their own thing because of their fierce sense of independence. It is important to not get overconfident because this initial phase of relaxing of restrictions could be retracted depending on the outcomes. So Aquarian people – be careful with your freedom-loving ways and for all of us, here’s hoping they continue.

Now to Lovely. From March 28th to August 1st Venus transits its own sign of Taurus. Red roses and chocolates, sensuality and sexuality, love and romance, all things beautiful. My most active way of enjoying Venusian elements is out walking along the river or checking out people’s gardens. Then I can come home and eat keto chocolates without guilt.

From 13th May to 25th June Venus goes Retrograde. Remember with retrogrades the energy of that planet moves inward so we will apply these Venusian traits to our own lives. This involution can create obsessive thinking and the topics are usually regarding our relationships, marriage, partnerships, our appearance, and style or how we receive pleasure. Jupiter is also angling Taurus so there will be a buoyance to the Venusian delights so watch out your credit card is not at its limit

Because retrogrades bring up obsessive patterns in our psyche, this is an opportunity to look at any negative emotional baggage you are carrying of which you are not taking responsibility in terms of the Venusian traits. Look at your creativity, relationships, sexuality, overspending, and living beyond your means, being socially demanding with friendships or over-demanding toward your partner, or never getting what you need and love. Do you need a makeover? Does your furniture need rearranging in your house or perhaps some clutter clearing will help?

2020 is a fabulous year for self-realization. This is the positive element amid the bad stuff. So, where is your standpoint with Venus? Are you sad and lonely, kissing your lover, painting pictures, or out smelling the roses? We can all do with some more lovely in our lives.

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