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September Equinox with Intense Retrogrades 2021

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

We are fast approaching the equinox and you may already be feeling the opportunities for opening. The equinoxes happen twice a year – in March and September. Astronomically the sun is directly over the earth’s equator giving a balance between night and day. Esoterically it is a balance between light and dark which the yin and yang symbol represents.

The equinox is also a time when you have greater access to spiritual realms and many will notice this via their meditation practices. Depending on where you live in the world, the timing of the equinox is the 22nd or 23rd of September. To get the exact day so you can make a date with the gods, enter your town here

Considering what has been going on over the last few months in terms of planetary energies, you may well feel a reprieve of intensity in your life, or reach a climax of whatever is going on for you in terms of clarity or resolution of difficult inner struggles. Where these struggles play out depends on the house these planets are visiting in your natal chart. Use the lead-up time to the equinox to aspire for help in overcoming your obstacles to life. Whatever you are repressing, find the courage to overcome.

Speaking of obstacles – I want to draw your attention to the planetary retrogrades that are happening now. Commencing 20th August Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto all went Retrograde. It is not clear whether this is a unique astrological event as Chiron has not been mapped for long periods. Regardless all of these big players going retrograde has major significance both personally and globally.

A retrograde planet means the planet is not moving forward and usually forward signifies a flow. The retrograde planet spins on the spot or is moving backward. What this does is intensifies the forces the planets emit and this intensity affects us all. It feels like the energies burrow down into us, and emotional malaise is more prominent. How that affects us in life depends on our determinants – our life experiences to date and how you navigated them.

If you are generally an intense person these forces could possibly work in your favor. You may find you get more done because you are inspired to, or you decide you’ve had enough of mucking around and you get stuck into those jobs you’ve been putting off, or you start new projects after years of procrastinating.

Not everyone will be enjoying this phase. For those who have been reluctant to go within and sort out their inner emotional mess, this can be upsetting. For those who have refused to look at themselves, this can be quite a difficult time. Incidents and accidents can occur if you are blocking your growth as a human being. With these stubborn movers, you can expect some huffing and puffing to your lot in life until you address your resistance.

September is the most intense phase of these retrogrades and the equinox is likely to bring surprises. It’s up to you whether you are open to making these surprises fortuitous. Closing down to change will not be advisable. If ever there were a set of forces you wanted to resist, this is them but it’s not likely to be a favorable outcome if you don’t shift your thoughts and emotions. Resistance is futile. Use the intensity for reflection and internal self-awareness. Look to what needs your attention and take steps to ignite your will to illuminate what you have been blocking from your past. It’s time to let go of repressed fears and step up.

Globally it’s not hard to see the intensity playing out. COVID is the frontman, the catalyst for shaking all of us at the core. We are experiencing losing the freedom to move around and locked down into situations that are extremely restrictive for many. These restrictions go against our natural social way of being.

It is worth asking how we as a collective human race have managed to get ourselves into this predicament. It is said that what goes on within us is reflected out into the external world, this is the macrocosm of the microcosm. How we treat ourselves is projected out into our environment. That projection comes back to us as our created reality. It is only by changing our inner world, however, that we can be effective in changing our collective outer world. This restrictive phase of forces has much potential for our inner selves. We have the opportunity to push through fears and inner restrictions by using these forces fruitfully. It doesn’t have to be doom and gloom. Our perceptions and attitudes are in our hands.

The equinox is a time when spiritual worlds are closer and it’s a good time to renew our connection to our inner selves which is aligned to spiritual worlds. We can renew our connection to having the life we want and to understand our own sense of truth as defined by our individual sense of heartness. Collectively, from this strong sense of our own heart, we can do amazing things and heal ourselves and positively change the environment we live in.

To understand the forces that are affecting you and to navigate life more easily, make contact and we can get the ball rolling. Send a return email for more details. Ride the waves, don't get dumped by them.

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Wow this was a rough one! Is retrograde ever pleasant (insert giggle) - thank goodness I'm over the hump ... until next time!

Oct 06, 2021
Replying to

They can be pleasant. Some people love the intensity and groundedness of retrogrades. It all depends on the astral body overall and life's determinants. It's not over yet!


Great write up Jules.... its a simple and clear explanation of what is going on in these wild times. And I love the chart letting us know when the planets go in and out of retrograde... wonderful stuff... thanks... Helen

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