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2021 Better Than Last Year

Here’s to 2021 being a far better year than 2020, and in terms of planetary positions there are improvements however Pluto and Saturn remain in Capricorn for 2021 which indicates lessons and transformations to do with structures and systems. Saturn remains in Capricorn until the end of 2022 and Pluto will be in Capricorn until 2037.

Firstly, though many astrologers are not speaking about this, Uranus is still very active with its placement in the center of Aries. Remember I am a Vedic (Sidereal) astrologer which aligns with astronomy. Uranus is not in Taurus and won’t be there until 2025. Uranus is providing a lot of fire and shaking up the status quo while Pluto and Saturn do their thing.

For some, the fire of Uranus could be taken as an unwanted influence especially if in your own personal life you are undergoing upheaval in areas of your life that you were not expecting or wanting. Sudden unexpected and often upsetting events happen, example I have a friend who has Uranus transiting her seventh house – the house of close relationships. Her divorce is almost final. For those with Uranus in their twelfth, sudden and explosive confrontations can occur with people you thought were your friends. Remember there is a global influence and a personal influence. It depends on where Uranus is transiting in your natal chart that determines what will be happening for you.

Uranus is only seen as a problem if through rigidity and a sense of insecurity you are not willing to make changes in your life. Often we go through life playing safe and wanting predictability. That security comes at a major cost where nothing new is able to come in and lack of happiness is the price we pay.

Globally Uranus is pushing changes to occur. The Uranus/Aries combination is often a rebellious one and can end in revolutions if the change is not managed well. Collectively there is a spiritual awakening occurring which began in 2016. I predict this awakening will be stronger and more effective than our attempt in the sixties.

Commencing the 10th of January Mars gets in on the act heightening the intensity of Uranus. On 20th January we see an exact Mars/Uranus conjunction and the influence will remain until the end of January. This fiery conjunction coincides with the Biden inauguration so we wait with bated breath what will occur over this period.

Remember, astrologers can’t predict what will happen, they can only tell you something will happen! It is up to us individually to pay attention to the influences so we can make choices that favor us now and moving forward.

The good news is that on the 5th April 2021 Jupiter leaves Capricorn and begins its transit through Aquarius. This is a period where the focus is on friends, groups, communities, and masses of people. So we move away from individuality into a sense of collectiveness. This could herald a time where we go from lockdowns to interacting. Aquarius is a humanitarian sign, it is ruled by Uranus and humanitarianism is the higher focus of the Uranus force. Aquarius is also a sign of cures so there is likely a progression in dealing with the pandemic. As well Aquarius aligns with financial gains, so Jupiter’s expansive nature will be supportive economically.

The transit of Jupiter through Aquarius ends 13th April 2022. So 2021 has great promise of more buoyancy and less restriction. Collectively we have the opportunity to align with the awakening that is occurring which will be the opportunity for the common man to make a mark in terms of community freedoms. That can take on enormous proportions provided we keep out of the black rabbit holes which lead to fear and confusion.

One of the positives coming out of the COVID pandemic is a sense of what is important. The lure toward community is strong and we are shining a light on how our neighbors are more valuable than before. We are much happier united than separate.

May 2021 be a time for you to change the directions of your life toward good fortune and happiness and a sense of unity with your friends and neighbors.

2020 heralded a major force for learning and transformation, change and challenges which hopefully directs you to a transition to know your real self. For more clarity on your astral blueprint and to have a one on one session with Julie to know more of your natal chart or your transits affecting you for 2021, use the contact page or email for details.

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