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Knowing Yourself - The Astral Influence

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

“Quantum physics and epigenetics collectively reveal that astrology transcends metaphysics and can more accurately be defined as astrophysiology.” Thank you Bruce Lipton for the validation of something I’ve known and been doing for the last 23 years. Science is catching up and humanity is on the way to understanding that which was primarily a scholarly pursuit – i.e. metaphysics and its wonders.

We are in a phase where the unconscious is becoming conscious which is enabling more and more people to experience that which was only available to spiritual adepts who underwent disciplined practices for many years to either become enlightened or at the very least have a life that enabled happiness, peace, and calm.

Understanding planetary forces has been a 20+ year pursuit which has enabled me to understand the influence forces have on the psyche of our human condition, both individually and collectively. I have focused primarily on the personal influences because my own life has been one of pursuing transformation and spiritual experiences which requires a high level of self-knowledge and introspection.

There is a language to Planetary Forces which is much deeper than the ordinary Sun Sign or constellation astrology that is found in newspapers and magazines. Yes, the horror scopes can be entertaining, but those snippets are so generalized that there are very few people who can actually resonate with them. Consequently, you are left in a state of hopefulness that is rarely satisfied and you remain ignorant at the same time.

Each one of us has an individual astronomical blueprint that influences our psychology. This is your astrology chart. This is made up of the effects of the planets and where they were in the sky on the exact date, time, and place you were born. Unlike fixed stars, planets are moving objects and as those planets move around they angle to other planets and move through different constellations.

You will have heard the saying “We are made of stellar stuff.” Coined by Carl Sagan, the term is used because the carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen atoms in our bodies, as well as atoms of all other heavy elements, were created in previous generations of stars over 4.5 billion years ago.

Individually each planet, being made of differing elements - minerals and gases and being of different sizes and at differing distances to each other and to where we are on the earth, imprints that particular set of forces on our psyche. We are part of the universe and of course, the earth is included in the mix and our physicality is part of this stellar cocktail.

Our emotions and feelings are the direct results of influences of our circumstances. Our circumstances are the result of the actions and reactions of those around us who are also made up of the same stellar stuff as we are. But we don’t all have the same blueprint. This is why time is so important in doing a chart reading. The planets, Sun, and Moon are moving constantly and will influence a person differently.

So while we are made up of the same stuff, our astral chart determines what forces we are influenced by. These differences can be seen as personality differences because our psyche, our personas are different. You will notice how a group of people witness and can be involved in the same incident, yet each person can have a different reaction or response to it. This is indicative of having a different astral influence.

We have our astral blueprint which we have for life. Our astral body (the influence of the planets and stars) is what creates our thoughts and emotions. Depending on our environment, including parents, our home, our siblings, our neighborhood, friends, nutrition, we have actions and reactions because of them. The forces we embody, when influenced by our environment will act a certain way. We will like what’s happening or we won’t. We either react or respond.

In early childhood, it is really easy to see how a child acts and reacts, and responds to their environment. They have a sharp barometer which is their feelings and they will tell you very quickly whether they are flowing with life or having problems. Do they feel good or feel bad? Are they laughing or are they crying? This is the beginning of their forces playing out as influences in their life.

Very soon the child will begin to show a personality to you, or perhaps a few different personalities. This is their astral body – the influence of the planets and stars. They are learning what works and what doesn’t. Life is often described as riding a surfboard. Your astral body is like riding waves. You either skim on the water and ride the waves well, or you fall off the board. This ebbing and flowing are how you ride the waves, either smoothly or in rough seas.

One of the biggest problems we have as human beings is riding the waves of thoughts and emotions. Remember in previous articles we spoke at length about feelings and how it is our reactions to feelings that create our thinking, negative or positive. After these thoughts to feelings, we then usually have an emotion which is the reaction to the feeling, engendered by the thoughts. Off we go on the hamster wheel, the painful cycle of emotional malaise because we don’t know how to handle how we feel about certain experiences.

We can spend our life sorting out how to get off the hamster wheel and it’s time we stopped wasting our time on fear and sadness and got down to the real living. To enable us to do this living, we need to learn about what real living can be like and who would I be like if my life was about living and not surviving.

Let’s get back to the astral body. This blueprint of the influence of planets and stars has a language. This language is the key to knowing the real you beyond the emotions. It can participate in you creating the emotions, but only because you don’t know how to ride the surfboard. The forces are what animates you. These forces give you opportunities, they give you the ability to be and do as a human being in your incarnation.

When you learn the knowledge of what is influencing you, you will find your potential. It is wonderful to know what are you capable of? Given the right circumstances, you can navigate life by riding wonderful forces that can make your life enjoyable, exciting, enthralling, adventurous, spontaneous, and engaging. When you know who you are and use your potential so many doors open up for you. You will find you are saying yes to life instead of no. When you know your astral body and you have an understanding of how it operates, you have the tools to make choices based on a stronger sense of yourself.

One of the major problems we have when riding the surfboard of life is that we have no idea what waves are coming or what is under the water. We know there is a likelihood of falling into the water or being dumped by a wave, this is a normal experience in life. What if we were really good at surfing? You’d ride the wave longer and it would be more pleasurable. You’d be confident. You’d know your weaknesses but also your strengths. You’d know when to go slow and when you can speed up. Getting to know your astral body and what influences your experiences will make it much easier to ride the waves for longer.

You may have heard the term Know Thy Self. The Self is a major achievement, it is a state of being where you know who you are. It’s very hard to be who you are when you don’t know who you are. The language of Planetary Forces is a major tool that helps you find this knowledge. Being yourself and riding the forces you are using in this life helps you take advantage of opportunities. Knowing how to take the high roads in life instead of settling for the low tracks is a much preferable way of living than the reactions of the little ego which leads to a miserable existence.

Now that these astral influences have been validated by science, you may want to consider delving into their influence on your own life. We are in a phase in our collective human journey where it is no longer satisfactory to be pulled along in a world where you have no control and not much influence. This can all change, but only by changing yourself and knowing how powerful you are as an individual. Don’t settle for the ordinary when you have at your disposal an astral body that can be extraordinary. Get to know yourself and be proud of who that is.

I have created the Essar Program to work with you one on one to assist with overcoming your fallen ego. Do you know who you are becoming? Planetary forces are included and the focus of the program is on self-awareness and awakening at a deep level. You will be guided toward changing your perspective and identity so you can move toward your higher Ego. Awareness entails seeing where your challenges are in life, your difficulties, and your struggles. As well as dismantling what no longer works for you, together we will reveal the true essence of who you are. The strengths you have will be highlighted and brought out in real terms in a practical way to help you navigate more confidently in the world. Do you know who you are when you are at your best? What would life be like if your happy moments happened more often?

Essar is an angelic presence who is on this journey with me. Together we will guide you to finding your true self to make your life better? Contact me for further details.

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