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Moon Mothering and Mayhem

Updated: Mar 25

The Moon Principle is primarily the same as the Universal Mother, though there are many names given to her by us earth beings. Sophia, The Earth Mother, Mother of the Light, and the Goddess are but a few given by seekers of the nurturing effects she has. There are many energetic influences given by the Moon that affect our minds, our emotions, and our health.

The attached videos, Part One and Two are a review of this Principle including the gems, metals, plants, illnesses, and also some of the emotions involved when affected by the Moon.

Jules is currently taking clients for personal astrology readings including natal, transits, and karma readings. Please note that Karma reports are often not suitable unless you have a comprehension of your natal chart and an awareness of the forces affecting you. Karma reports are suitable if you are undertaking transformation work that includes self-knowledge.

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