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Pluto, Neptune and Uranus in the Great Awakening

Covering the Global and Personal effects of these big guns. It's good to know what is pushing your buttons in terms of forces so you can navigate more easily, or not!

There is so much more to say about what is happening in our world at the moment that I've not covered in the video, from changes to our monetary system to the awakening into more knowledge of our abilities to self-heal and the push by parents to home school as our education system dives into a period of grave concern.

Please feel free to comment here or on youtube to enable a broader discussion on how forces are affecting you and your family. Comments can enable further videos that will broaden our perspectives on the world around us.

May the forces be with you.

Julie is currently taking clients for personal astrology readings including natal, transits, and karma readings. Please note that Karma reports are often not suitable unless you have a comprehension of your natal chart and an awareness of the forces affecting you. Karma reports are suitable if you are undertaking transformation work that includes self-knowledge.

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