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Release Relax & Recuperate - Yoga Nidra recording for peace of mind & body.

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

Our world is speeding up and putting more and more into the day seems to be a demand and not a choice these days. Unfortunately, our health is the loser here and we need to counteract our busy lives with care and consideration for our body.

Yoga Nidra was one of the first inner space practices I learned after my departure from the finance world. I had no idea how stressed my body was until I started tuning into it.

Yoga Nidra is a Hindu term meaning Practice of the Night. But you don't have to do this practice at night, you can do it any time you feel you need a bit of recovery time. The afternoon nap or nanna nap is perfect!

Whilst most people end up asleep in this practice, one of the primary benefits occurs as you place consciousness into the body parts. Even if you stay aware and awake, you are still gaining benefits. The awareness of tension in the body helps you, firstly to know where you hold stress, and secondly assists you to release it, thereby facilitating the ability to recuperate. And by placing awareness in the body parts you are not thinking those blah blah blah thoughts.

This practice is often confused with a meditation practice, and you can understand why. No thoughts, just body - that is a good combination for resting that brain for a while. and going inside yourself.

The health benefits of this practice are many. Tension creates illness and the more tension the more pain you hold in your body. As part of a holistic health regime, Yoga Nidra is a must for your day. Or at night - it is a royal way to fall asleep.

Only 30 minutes of deep relaxation using Yoga Nidra can be the equivalent of hours of sleep. So this practice is ideal for an afternoon nap, especially if you are going out in the evening.

The siesta is an absolute must in hot climates, sadly not every Western civilization honors the benefits of rest in the same way. You don't have to live in a hot climate though. Do it because you honor your body.

For healing purposes, this practice can be done in conjunction with massage therapy. The more you relax your body, depending on your age, the more tension is released. For some that can be a painful experience. Remember, you cannot change what you cannot see. We commonly hold tension in our bodies without knowing it. So this is your opportunity to become more conscious of yourself and what stresses you are holding on to.

Let go, release tension, and enjoy being in your body. This practice can be done during the day or used to help you drift into a night's sleep. To get the most benefits, make sure you are not interrupted by technology. Make the practice intentional for maximum rest and relaxation. Find a comfortable couch or mattress and intend not to be disturbed.


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