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The Third Eye and the Pineal Gland

There is much talk about the Pineal Gland being the organ that taps you into spiritual realms. In spiritual circles there is confusion between the physical organ and the non physical structure known as the Third Eye. The Third Eye is the term used by the adepts, or the meditation masters and by those who work with subtle bodies and can separate out the physical from the meta-physical, or non-physical.

For some people this is splitting hairs, but for the adepts it's a mistake to define our inner vision to that of the Pineal Gland and our physical bodies. There is definitely an association but the two are not the same.

I invite you to view the video for an explanation of the difference and hopefully this gives you clarity on what this beautiful structure of vision is. Additionally, I pass to you some of my experiences and experiences of those who have begun to use their third eye, or have had experiences and need clarity of what they have seen.

Please enjoy.

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