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Third Eye Meditation

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

There are many techniques to practice meditation and this is yet another of them. The third eye is your gateway or door to your inner world, your Self, and being more in yourself is a sure way of being centered and focused in your day-to-day activities.

Meditation and Relaxation

Meditation takes many forms for different people. Relaxation to some is their form of meditation, walking in a forest, along a beach, or sunbathing by the pool is to some a form of meditation. Anything that allows a person to be with themselves and out of their normal world.

Though some relaxation methods are not enough, there are still the senses to deal with. Sounds and smells pull you out of your relaxation very easily. High levels of meditation take you out of your senses and hopefully out of your mind, at least your ordinary level of thinking. That incessant blah blah blah that goes around in your head - it's such a drain to hear this over and over and over. Meditation using the Third Eye is a way to go beyond that level of the ordinary mind into deeper states of consciousness.

Out of the Mind out of the Turmoil

It is the way of a Master to be out of his mind completely, in total bliss, a total space of centredness and nothingness. Why would a person want a state of nothingness? Once you've experienced this peaceful space void of any grossness that years and years of anxiety or burdens have given you, you will feel great relief. You realize your world is so heavy in comparison to deep states of meditation. Relaxation does not go deep enough for many.

Peace and the Mind

Getting out of your mind is no simple task. It takes practice. Going deeper into the Third Eye space you get a sense of going outward. At the same time, the world you left behind gets smaller, you no longer hear distracting sounds. This outward space comes from your inner space which becomes void of the senses the deeper you go. Practicing resting on and in this space helps to quieten the ordinary mind. It is in this space that you can begin to watch your thoughts. Focus on the space which presents lights, colors, blackness, purple space, and a sense of peacefulness. You realize you are not in your ordinary mind. Though as soon as you realize this you are back in the ordinary mind! But the more you practice resting in the Third Eye space the easier it is to rest yourself on something far superior than the couch with the TV on. These are some of the third eye meditation benefits and as you push your meditation practices you will be able to push the experiences further and retain consciousness of these experiences.

How do you know your Third Eye is 'working?'

At the center of the forehead between the eyebrows you may get a sense of pressure or pulsing. At first, you may feel absolutely nothing. You may start to see (with your eyes closed) lights and colors, flashes of light, tunnels, and vortexes. In the beginning, it can be quite strange, a bit scary. With practice and use it will become more and more apparent that you are using your Third Eye.

How does your Third Eye help in daily life?

The Third Eye is not just for meditation. It brings awakening. In daily life being centered in your Third Eye helps you keep focused during the day, at work, in the supermarket, and even at home. When you start to feel scattered by everything external, the radio, TV, kids screaming, traffic, and rushing around, center yourself in the Third Eye.

If you have an important meeting with the boss or new clients, use the Third Eye to gear into the person you are addressing. It is clearly marked that the person you are talking to knows you are focused on them and not the clock on the wall. With this focus, you will take in more, and remember more details. You may actually enjoy your day more.

You may have heard that the third eye is dangerous. This statement is perplexing to me. Perhaps because in the 15+ years I have been aware of using my third eye I have found the third eye to be a stabilizing influence in my life. I have never had experiences that were detrimental in fact the opposite is true. The ability to remain centered and in a state of stillness while chaos reigns is a big plus in my book.

Third Eye and Vision - Heightened Awareness

The Third Eye helps you become more aware. You see things around you more sharply. Colors may seem brighter and smell more pungent. Effectively you are more present in the world. Your ordinary mind has been sidestepped and a high state of consciousness has come into your normal world.

Use your Third Eye as your first line of vision, use the eyes as the second level of vision. Vision in this sense becomes more than what you normally see with the physical eyes. Vision covers more than what you see. It lifts your senses. Vision is not just what you see, it is what you hear, smell, touch, sense, and what you come to know beyond the physical facade of our normal daily life. When you look at someone you see into them, and you notice the person. It's not something spooky like they become like an ethereal figure in front of you, though you may see their aura - that's a common effect of a Third Eye awakening.

Third Eye is Universal

It is more commonly known that the third eye is part of the Hindu or Buddhist tradition of spiritual practices. In Hinduism, it is known as the 'eye of knowledge' or the 'teacher inside'. In Buddhist art, it is shown as a gem on the forehead. You often see the Bindi worn with the Indian dress. But did you know it is also covered in Christian teachings? In the words of the Gospels,

"The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single,

thy whole body shall be full of light." (Matthew 6:22)

Vision is a word often touted in spiritual circles. It does not refer solely to the external sense of sight. You actually start to SEE.

I hope you get as much benefit out of using your Third Eye as I have.

The video below covers this article as well as added extras on the Third Eye and the relationship to the Pineal Gland.

Jules is currently taking clients for personal astrology readings including natal, transits, and karma readings. Please note that Karma reports are often not suitable unless you have a comprehension of your natal chart and an awareness of the forces affecting you. Karma reports are suitable if you are undertaking transformation work that includes self-knowledge.

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