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Feelings and Emotions Part 3

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Do you wish people could see you for who you really are? Of course, you would. But are you showing the real you to them? Let’s talk more about characters. These are personas that you use to get what you want. You may have a professional character who earns a living for you. You may have a social character that acts a certain way socially. You may use a different persona to play sport. You are even likely to have a particular character when interacting with family. Your caring character may be what you use with your pets but you may not use it with family or at work. You may also have a character that is a technophobe but it may not be your occupation. You may be an eccentric person who loves weird stuff and acts out of the ordinary, but maybe not around family.

There are all sorts of character traits with varied descriptions like the slothful couch potato, the high-end corporate executive, the doormat victim, the higher functioning rabid victim, the seductress, the shock jock, the artist, the rebel, the housewife – yes it’s a character and has all sorts of variations. You can add your own descriptive title if you like. Better still see if you can flush out the characters that you use in differing situations.

Characters are useful because they help you function. Some characters are more active than others. Some are happy go lucky, some are sad or emotionally heavy, some are serious, some are rigid. Some are angry. Some are flighty, some are trusted and some are flippant. Do you get the picture?

In a previous blog, I spoke about forces and their effects on us. These character traits are there because of an influence, then an experience, our perception and then our response or reaction to it. These are Astral Forces and the characters are our Astral Characters. Astrality is the term for thoughts and emotions, and it is astrality mixed with our physical bodies that creates responses to help us navigate our way through life.

To each force that influences us, there is positive and negative. Everything we experience has a polarity, everything that happens is reflective in some form. Here we have the ego acting out. It is either acting out negatively or acting out in a positive way. Remember from the blog Ego is not a Dirty Word, there is the lower mode and higher mode to the Ego. The higher mode I will refer to as the Ego (capital E). This is something to get used to because we need to change our thinking in terms of our ego. It is what animates us, we need the ego to have a human experience. What we don’t want is to be swayed by forces unconsciously and end up reacting to everything. We need to have awareness and make choices so we consciously respond in our favour.

When we are not able to be honest and open with what life throws at us, if we can’t cope with the environment we are placed in, if we can’t express ourselves in a way that serves us, we end up acting out the lower modes of the ego. Acting out in the lower mode sees us closed off, inhibited, shy, dishonest, untrusting and more. Our ability to be our real selves is covered over by the characters we create to get by. These characters become normalized in the process of ensuring our own safety. We do it to ourselves and our subconscious is programmed accordingly to keep the protection in place and we feel safe.

Sadly, the real self – the open, spontaneous, sensitive child gets buried beneath a wall of protective characters who are just getting on with life and coping as they saw fit. The problem is, we yearn to be the real self. When you yearn to be seen, when you yearn to be loved, when you think nobody cares about you and you pull on others to give you what you want, they have trouble seeing the real you because it’s underneath all the characters.

Not only do friends and colleagues not know the real you, but you have also forgotten who you are. You have forgotten the real you, your higher self. Deep within you, you have a huge desire for something better but you don’t know what it is. You only know you want to be loved and cared for, to be seen and heard. In many cases, it’s a hunch, a sense, a feeling and there is no rationale you can put your finger on.

The yearning is there in the background of your being as you walk around in life. You show your characters to the world but not the real you. You think and speak to protect yourself. You are premium actors, experts at the craft of covering up, wearing a mask. So how can you really be seen? Underneath the created personas, you yearn to be the real you. At the core of you lays this wanting.

By the time we are well into adulthood, we have created one story after another to justify our protection mechanisms. Layers and layers of untruths are piled on top of our discomfort and fears. These are the layers of the onion that need to be peeled back in order to feel and be the real self again.

To not peel back these layers and continue on a journey of character-driven reality with no conscious awareness is soul-destroying. Remember the terms Soul, Ego and Persona are interchangeable, influenced by astral forces.

Once we get into revealing our true selves and transforming our ego, this is where our Higher Self is more available and we see our transformed selves. This is a game-changer in life. To get there requires riding the positive influences of forces, instead of dropping into the negative influences which result in our fallen ego. Once you are consciously aware of these higher forces you are well on your way to bringing your higher self into this life which includes being the real you in the world.

This article is part of a series on the topic of Feelings and Emotions.

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I have created the Essar Program where I work one on one with you to assist with flushing out your fallen ego, focusing on self-awareness, and awakening. You are guided toward changing your perspective and identity so you can move toward your higher Ego. This entails seeing where your challenges are in life, your difficulties, and your struggles. You cannot deconstruct without reconstructing so your true potential is highlighted which sets you on your way to being the real you in the world. Contact me for further details.

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