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Planets in the 2020 Alignment are now Retrograde

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Hello dear friends,

Retrograde Planets are significant because the forces become intensified and internalized and tend to have a more dramatic effect on us and also the world at large.  Remember collectively our actions and reactions determine the state of the world.   The difficulty we face is that our actions individually determine the state of the globe.   It is only by changing ourselves that we can become active participants in living in the world we desire.  Sadly, we often blame others for how the world is playing out and we expect changes to happen externally and not bother with our own selves.

CHANGE AND THE UNKNOWN The current alignment of Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto is very significant on a personal and global level, as mentioned in earlier blogs.  Now these three big planets are all retrograde which means the energies they are creating have intensified.  Together, expect surprises - change, transformation, and who knows what else. As an astrologer, I cannot tell you exactly what is going to happen.  We can pinpoint where the drama will play out individually by noting the house placement and constellation the alignment is currently transiting in your chart.  E.g. the focus for you could be about your close relationships if the transit is going through your seventh house, or perhaps you need to define your values and are concerned about your bank account and whether to buy the house of your dreams which is related to the second house.  Globally, it’s the constellation that requires your attention.

YOUR STRUCTURE - YOUR REALITY As this cluster is moving through Capricorn, there is a Saturnian influence being highlighted.  Saturn is all about structures and it determines the way you see your human experience as you have structured it.  If you are experiencing tension during this period, the alignment is forcing you to examine how you have created your reality and offering you the opportunity to change it. This opportunity for change is by no means a shallow fly by night occurrence.  This is an opportunity for a fundamental shift in consciousness and the structures we rest on.  As is common among us mere mortals, we tend to avoid taking responsibility for what is happening to us.  Blame is the common answer and we leave it to someone else or some event to make our lives a better experience.  Does that ever really happen for you? With the Retrograde of this cluster, things are going to get real.  How that manifests externally is a wait and see game.  But be aware, there will be events that will have you rethinking what you are resting on, what you rely on, what makes you feel secure and comfortable, and what does not.  Physical and emotional losses, sadness, and depression are indicators that you are not okay with things as they are in relation to the house Capricorn is in your natal chart.  The lessons you experience are the lessons you need in order to create the life you are seeking and not the life someone else has planned for you.

THE NEW YOU? Pluto the transformer will be breaking down structures for you in order to have new ways of operating.  Pluto is about death, destruction, and renovation and there is tremendous power being unleashed.  Pluto does not do much by halves.  It’s a force to take note of.  Remember when Astronomers tried to downplay Pluto as a planet, the backlash to a downgrading was not met well.  Those that understand the power of Pluto fought back and regardless of semantics, Pluto remains significant in the lives of Astrologers.  No Astronomer is going to change that! Jupiter in this mix adds magnitude to the Saturn and Pluto lessons and renovation.  The last blog included the phase of Venus in retrograde which is also happening now (13th May to 25th June).  This represents an internalization of the things we love and makes us look at what we love and value in our lives.  Watch out for lover’s spats and difficulties with your relationships.  Remember – it’s not them, it’s YOU.  Look for your behaviors during this time and go within and see what it is about you that is not balanced in the love game.

THE OBSTACLE RACE There’s more.  Mercury is about to go retrograde again.  From the 18th of June to the 12th of July, then again later in the year.  There are many and varied responses to the Mercury retrograde.  Be prepared before you act.   At least mark your calendars so you are forewarned and not going head-on into an avoidable crisis. Uranus has been retrograde since January this year.  By now you will have felt the push for change and many have already put plans into action to revolutionize their lives.  For some this has been a forced shift.  As mentioned before Uranus in Aries is very volatile in terms of getting out of the boring and mundane and breaking down limitations that don’t allow you the freedoms you desire.  2020 was predicted to be a difficult year.  You can add your own expletives to what is going on.  The most intense forces take place between May and September.  Anything could happen from now to the end of the year. KEEP BREATHING, IT'S NOT ALL BAD You know, it’s not all bad news and mayhem.  Some people thrive on intensity and there is a major opportunity here for making changes in your life that you’ve never dared try before.  Let’s see if new world leaders step up and make themselves known.  All forces have a polarity and your task is to ride them to the best of your ability.  Find the courage to choose the higher modes, the positives, and ride the intensity for the best outcomes you can aspire for. How many of you have wanted change, wanted something better, something different?  Well, this is it.  Internalize your thinking and plan your future consciously and with intention.  Riding the higher modes of these forces could be the best thing you’ve ever done.  Take care, be aware, be kind, and let’s stick together.

2020 has become a year of learning and transformation, change and challenges which hopefully enables a transition to know your real self.  For more clarity on your astral blueprint and to have a one on one session with Julie to know more of your natal chart and the current transits affecting you, email for details.

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